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I thought it might be fun to share what I’m reading.  I’ll keep the most recently read book at the top.  These are not formal reviews, so fear not…no spoilers here!  By the way, I’d love any suggestions to add to my miles long “To Read” book list.  🙂

A final note:  WordPress did the weird color thing.  “Not I,” said the little…  It happened when I told it to add the recommended links.  Anyone who knows how to fix this, kindly let me know.  I give up!  (At least for tonight.)

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“Half-Past Dawn” by Richard Doetsch

I loved this!  It’s what I call a great vacation read, and I mean that in a good way.  Again through Twitter, I’ve had the honor of “meeting” Mr. Doetsch.  I asked which of his books would he recommend for a first read, and this was his choice.  I’m going to read ALL of his books at some point in the future.  Page ripping fun!

The Leopard’s Wife” by Paul Pickering

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Paul through Twitter, and since he’s a loyal friend there, it was high time I curl up with one of his best-selling books.  The picture he paints of life in the Congo is thought-provoking and vividly powerful.  For certain, it won’t be the last work of his that I’ll read.

Point of Origin” by Patricia Cromwell

Since I’ve been too busy to read for a while, I wanted to curl up with one of my favorite authors, so I chose Cromwell.  I love following the harrowing near misses of Kay Scarpetta, and this one was a wild ride.  Although, it was too easy to figure out, but I actually cried.  No, I won’t be a spoiler and reveal why.

Now May You Weep” by Deborah Crombie

I hadn’t read anything by Crombie before this book, and although it was off to a sluggish start, I’m glad I finished it.  I won’t say it’s a page turner, but if — like me — you love mysteries and Scotland, it’s a fun read.

“The Worst Thing” by Aaron Elkins

Another author that I wasn’t familiar with.  If you want to get a really good idea of what it’s like to live with P.T.S.D. and panic attacks, read it!  As one who suffers with both, I can tell you that he masterfully illustrates their effects.

Duma Key” by Stephen King

It’s King at his best.  Another creepy, supernatural thriller by the Master of Suspense.  Did I love it?  Oh yeah, baby!

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