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Our silver linings are by their very nature elusive.

When they come, like a Peregrine Falcon they take our breath away because it is in the waiting that we seem to endlessly seek them.


Image:  mendowbrew.com

Image: mendowbrew.com


We seek them in the murky forests of challenges.

Did we see one, flit across the meadow of insolvency?

Or did we hear it’s wings in the treacherous ravines of betrayal?

We know they’re there.  During the ages of our suffering we sometimes catch a glimpse of the mercurial glimmer, and yet we yearn.

But where did it go?  Did we just see one flit through our distress, or was it hopeful imagination?

Will it return?


It will come.

The revealing will be even more magnificent than our imagining.  It will be a revelation.

Our longing is the falconer.  We must wait.  Patiently.  Quietly.  Expectantly.  And trust in the knowledge that if we do so, it will come.

Arriving in its own time.  Not when we want it.  Definitely not when we demand of it, but in that perfect moment.


Image: centralparknyc.org

Image: centralparknyc.org


And then we’ll know.  We’ll be able to see and to hear the truth.

That it came at exactly the right time, and because of this, it’s luster will be eternally magnificent.

It will SHINE!


Image: creatingwhatmatters.co.nz

Image: creatingwhatmatters.co.nz


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