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Image: remodelingnation.com

Image: remodelingnation.com

What happens when Plan B fails?  Nothing.

Well, maybe the situation gets worse, but life truly does go on just like the cliché.  In fact, if there’s anything that’s sure about Plan B is that whether it’s successful or not, life will continue.  It’s kind of comforting when you think about it.

You had a plan, but now at least, it looks like a dismal failure.  Maybe it is, maybe it’s not.  You’ll never know because ultimately only God can make that pronouncement. All you know is things didn’t work out.

Image:  dreamstime.com

Image: dreamstime.com

At this juncture, it’s important to stick to the facts.  Figure out what things you did that were successful, because nothing is a total failure.  You did some things that brought results.  Write them down.

Did you stick to a specific plan, or were you winging it?  If you had a bona fide plan, were all of the bases covered, or did you skip some?  If you were improvising as you went along, were there actions that perhaps you missed because there wasn’t a strategy?

Keep writing down your observations.  In time, a pattern will emerge.  The answer is in there somewhere.  Keep looking, you’ll find it.  When you do, the most important step appears.  This is the toughest one, at least it is for me.

It’s forgiveness.  Because with Plan B failure comes a lot of self recrimination.  The — What if I had; I could have; why the hell didn’t I, what was I thinking?? — thoughts will start hollering like they’re at the Super Bowl.  Listen to them, for they too can carry the truth, but ultimately, you’re going to have to insist they SHUT UP so you can regroup.

Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them. – Bruce Lee

You’re human.  You made a mistake.  It’s okay.  It’s not too late, life does after all continue on.  Often the shift happens just when you think it’s the end.

Take out the f in shift and things can look like shit. – Sidney Peck

These are some of the conclusions I’ve come to lately, I hope you find them useful.  As for me, I actually found a lot of gold in my failed Plan B.  It’s time now to take all of the lessons I’ve learned and make my dreams happen.

What about you?  Have you had to face “failure”?  If so, how did you move on?  I’d really love to hear what you learned.

P.S.:  Writers need feedback.  When I visit fellow writer’s sites, I ALWAYS leave a comment.  Please show me the same respect and pay it forward.  Thank you!

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