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If things aren’t working, STOP, REASSESS and SHIFT direction.

Since life has pretty much come to a full stop, I’ve had a lot of time for contemplation.  I’ve been using it to reassess and make decisions.  Upon reflection, it became obvious that my two biggest time and energy drains were relationships and Twitter.  What to do?

First, I did some dysfunctional weeding.  It may sound callous to some, but I’m tired of being there for people who aren’t there for me.  If I’m going to revitalize my life, it’s crucial that I surround myself with Team Sidney.  Being in dysfunctional relations with people is mentally physically emotionally spiritually exhausting.  I don’t have time for it.


Image courtesy of future pull.wordpress.com

Image courtesy of future pull.wordpress.com

That decision alone has brought enormous clarity and peace.  Something that was immediately noticeable is that I have become much more objective about everything.  It’s as if this shift has honed my overall perception.  I honestly think it’s because my brain is not spinning around trying to fix other people’s issues all the time.

Wow, that was exhausting!

Wow, that was exhausting!

Now I’m free to enjoy the authentic relationships that have survived last year.  Or, as I call it:  “My Year in a Wood Chipper.”

Twitter is trickier.  Twitter is currently my drug of choice so to speak.  Since I can’t go to the movies, download music, visit with friends, or pretty much do anything, I am really isolated.  It’s all too easy to pass the hours in Twittervile.

A word of unsolicited advice.  Unless you have an assistant or mega free time, do NOT activate more than one Twitter account.  I’ve learned that two accounts is not more fun, it’s more WORK.

What to do?  I honestly don’t know.  I seriously considered closing my personal account @Fey1IsleofSkye and just keeping @CinemaProfound openbut that didn’t feel right.  My conundrum, and it’s a good one to have, is that my followers are extremely loyal.  I don’t want them to feel like they aren’t equally valued, because that’s not the case.  For now, I’ve decided that I will stick to a tweeting schedule and not a minute more.  Well, okay, maybe a minute, but you get my drift.

I’m also stopping weekly participation in #MM Music Monday, #WW Writers Wednesday, and #FF Follow Friday shout outs on the timeline (more on this below).  I’ve tried curtailing those, but I haven’t been successful, which leaves me with no other viable alternatives.  Over time, I’ve concluded that with a few steady exceptions, most people don’t appreciate them.  Why do I think this?  Lack of reciprocity and expressed appreciation.

When I first joined Twitter I avoided those “required” shout outs like the plague.  I thought they were superficial popularity contests and a time siphon.  Turns out, I was right.  They’ve turned into obligations that I’d rather avoid.  Plus, you canNOT list everyone, so inevitably people feel left out.  My solution for this is to devote three new pages for #MM, #WW and #FF mentions on http://www.cinemaprofound.wordpress.com, and to tweet links to them every week.  I will update these pages every week, so be sure to check them.

In general, please understand that if I don’t respond to your mentions, it doesn’t mean I haven’t read and appreciated them.  I just can no longer reply to ALL of them, as I have up until this juncture.  My focus is looking for work and my writing.  2013 is feeling like a lucky year for me, I plan to make that happen!

I love you, but

I wish you peace, joy and all good things today and every day.  Thank you for being here.

P.S.:  Writers need feedback.  When I visit fellow writer’s sites, I ALWAYS leave a comment.  Please show me the same respect and pay it forward.  Thank you!

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