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…With Some Updates


After an outrageous public character assassination on Twitter today (9/15/2012) by Anne Lower @princess_scribe.  I feel the need to publicly defend myself.  For the record, I wanted to display all of her tweets here but for some reason, Word Press won’t allow me to “upload” screen shots.  I have all 40-plus of them, and I would be happy to email them to anyone who requests same.

Here are my answers to her allegations:

1)  I do have a sister.  She is outraged to hear what Anne has said about me and says it’s fine if anyone would like to contact her.  Hence, this paragraph’s message being edited from the original publication.

2)  Up until a couple of days ago, I was looking for a full-time position.  The reasons why I stopped are these:

A)  I have lost my SSN and passport, and I have NO IDEA where my Birth Certificate is.  Yes, I can apply for duplicates.  Do I intend to?  Yes, let’s just say I’ve been busy SURVIVING in the mean time…

B)  It makes no sense for me to look for a responsible job when I have no home base to be able to leave my dog.  I simply will not put her in jeopardy by leaving her in the car for 8-10 hours, five days a week.

C)  Try and get ready for an interview from your car.  Enough said.

D)  After two months of looking here in LA, it’s become obvious to me that I need to look elsewhere!  I can’t seem to get arrested here, LOL!

2)  I have contacted EVERY SINGLE social services agency that the Police, social workers and friends have referred me to.  ALL of them have told me the same thing:  that their waiting lists are very long, and that the wait can be anywhere from six months to one and a half years.

3)  When I said that I have no friends in LA, I was NOT referring to those of you who may live here who have assisted me.  I WAS referring to people like Anne, who I thought was my friend and who instead turned on me while I was staying with her.  Since I was a guest in her home, naturally I bit my tongue.  She is a bully, period.  There are others, but I won’t name them, because unlike Anne, I keep my opinions to myself and I move on.

4)  She says that all I want to do is beg for money and not work.  Really??  Then why am I scrubbing toilets for an honest living?  And why have I offered to WORK FOR FREE for numerous people here — including Anne — so I can build up a CURRENT resume to market myself??  Every single person I offered this to turned me down.  Including Saint Augustine by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, I might add.

5)  She also says that people have offered me “safe places to park/sleep.”  Another lie.  NOT ONE PERSON has offered me one night off the street since we began sleeping in our car on July 29th.

Too bad you couldn’t hear my three homeless friends howling with laughter when I read her tweets!  Like one of them, Nick, said:  “What?!  She’s out here every day and knows what you’ve been going through?!  It’s a joke!”

I have beaten my head against the wall here in LA trying to get my life back on track.  Thanks to some wonderful people, I have $1100 towards the $3100 needed to get out of here and to either Maine or NYC.  Like I said earlier, my inclination is to go to New York, since my friends there are ACTIVELY trying to help me get housing and a job.  I’ll be honest though, if by the time we approach the Big Apple a couple of these jobs don’t materialize, I’ll keep on going to Maine.  She just called and told me that there’s a house for rent that would be perfect for us, but it’s $1200 a month and needless to say, we don’t have the money.

What transpired today on Twitter only confirms that I have made the right decision to leave.  With Anne on a campaign to ruin my reputation, an uphill climb just became treacherous.  I know when to quit.  The fact that everything she says is a lie doesn’t matter, there are those who will listen and not be willing to accept my side of the story.  It’s time to move on.

Please, won’t you help me and my fur companion put this miserable experience behind us and go either home or to New York?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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